Our Coronavirus 3-1-3 Cleaning:

Wait 3 – Clean 1 – Wait 3

* When a guest departs we wait 3 days before sending in Jess, our housekeeper of  11 years.

* All hard surfaces are disinfected, all bedding and bath towels are washed and disinfected in very hot water with bleach.

* Whenever possible, we wait another 3 days before another guest stays in that suite, or we offer them a different suite that’s been vacant 3 days or more since its cleaning and disinfecting.

All our suites have:

* A front door to the outside. We have no common or public interior areas, hallways, or doors.

* A full kitchen with cookware and dishes, guests can bring and prepare their own meals.

* Antibacterial bar soap and a container of disinfectant wipes, subject to availability.

If you’re a healthcare worker we want to help you, please call us.

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