Gay Owned and Managed

The Galloway House Inn is the only gay-owned or managed inn, or bed and breakfast, that we know of in Historic Savannah, GA.


Gay owned Inn in Savannah GA




  • We’ve welcomed guests from 60+ countries!
  • We’ve welcomed guests covered in tattoos, piercings, and every beautiful hair color imaginable!
  • We’ve welcomed guests who quietly pray and read the bible together!
  • We’ve welcomed guests who follow strict and ancient religious practices that we never knew existed.
  • We’ve welcomed guests whose bucket list included seeing Savannah and time is running out.


Jim and I met at an antique rug auction on a cold and rainy December day in 2004.

I’d been living the out, loud and proud single gay life in New York City for 20 years and Jim was the responsible corporate executive, husband, and father of four. (A total mismatch!)

I was looking for a 2nd home and had rented a charming but drafty old house, so I needed rugs to cover the gaps in the plank floors. Jim needed a hall runner so 4 energetic kids could run faster! (Who knew?)

At the time there was one gay bar, Blain’s Back Door, and one mixed bar, Chuck’s on the River. Both were equally tacky but by 10 every night they would be packed with exactly the same people as the night before. Sadly both are long gone.

Since 2005, when I bought the house, anyone passing by has seen a gay flag sticker on my car in the driveway, and a couple of people have tried to peel it off, but I’ve got extras!



We only hope that all our guests love and are loved in whatever way that is the very best for them, this old house welcomes everyone, and we mean EVERYONE!


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