Over the years we’ve rescued 7 Great Danes, 5 have passed and now we have Emma and Hudson.

Emma is a lap dog born into a Great Dane’s body, and even though she’s been blind since birth, she can always find a comfy lap!

Hudson, our most recent rescue waking from a morning nap on the 2nd-floor porch.

Dog Policy & Rules

Dog Fees:

$50 pet cleaning fee for one or two dogs for the entire stay.
Tea-cup to giant, well-behaved dogs of all sizes and breeds are welcome.
Maximum of two dogs per suite.
*Service, Therapy or Companion Animals are not allowed.


1. Dogs must always & forever be on a leash if they are not inside your suite.
2. You must keep your dog from doing their ‘business’ in the garden. When a dog marks a spot, others will often do the same and pretty soon the garden will be just a memory.
3. You must have a cell phone with you and keep it turned on whenever you leave their dog unattended in your suite. For the sake of other guests, if your dog is barking for an extended period of time we will call you and you must come back to the house immediately.
4. You must pick up after your dog anywhere and everywhere in Savannah.
5. The use of “wee-wee’ pads is not allowed.
6. If your pooch likes cuddle on the sofa, we have plenty of old sheets!
* The Americans with Disabilities Act Title III Regulations, the Galloway House Inn is exempt from the Americans with Disabilities Act Title III Regulations, Part 36 Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities and documentation can be found here, The section 36.104 Definitions, Place of Public Accommodation (1), states “Place of lodging, except for an establishment located within a facility that contains not more than five rooms for rent or hire and that actually is occupied by the proprietor of the establishment as the residence of the proprietor.It’s not legal for hotels and inns to charge a cleaning fee for service animals. In the past few years more and more people have begun claiming their dog, pig, cat, etc. is a service animal to save paying that fee. The cost in Savannah to board two danes for two nights is $120.

three great danes

Moose, Scooter, and Charlie were the first 3 Danes we rescued, sadly all have since passed away.


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