Keith Galloway

Born in Chicago, moved to New York in 1985 and then 20 years later to Savannah. When I was 40 I quit my job and headed east, six months later I return from the west. In total, I’ve traveled to 47 countries, from Bali to Bangladesh, Iceland to Istanbul. I’ve stayed in 5 star hotels in Hong Kong and grass shacks on islands off the coast of Myanmar, so I know how important a good shower and a clean comfortable bed can be when traveling.

Jim Klotz

From Syracuse, NY to Orlando FL then to Savannah. Jim rose through the ranks to become Exec. V.P. at Disney World, then to the Westin Resort in Savannah and then leaving the corporate world so he could do things the right way and not just the ‘cost effective’ way. Jim has four kids who are often at the house too.

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